Magnet Comic: A Custom Magnetic & Dry-Erase Comic Strip


Fonte: Kickstarter

A customizable comic strip that lets you create your own comics using magnetic characters and a dry-erase marker.

The Magnet Comic is a dry-erase comic strip that uses magnetic characters with a variety of different facial expressions to make the comics you want to make. It also lets you make comics a part of your every day life whether at home or work because it’s a physical comic you can display and interact with.

It includes a walnut wood comic strip with dry-erase panels, magnets on the back for mounting on a refrigerator or filing cabinet, a stand, marker and microfiber wipe. Each kit includes a basic pack of 4 characters, and each character has 9 different facial expressions. That gives you 36 character pieces to use to create lots of different combinations as you make your comics.

I’ve been making these over the past year, all the while refining the materials and process and now I’m at the point where I know exactly what goes into making the Magnet Comic and how best to do it. I’m asking for your help to fund a bulk order of materials (wood, magnets, glue, etc) as well as to help me get my hands on some new tools and equipment that will make the construction and assembly a lot smoother.

Right now I’m using a CNC mill to cut the wood strips, but the rest is done by hand. I stamp the panels, screenprint the characters, stamp them out too and glue it all together by hand. What I’d like is to be able to get a couple new stamps that let me cut out more of each item at a time (including new characters) and a new rig to help me glue them faster.

I’d love to step up production so I can get them out the door faster and create a steady stream of new character packs so you can keep changing and updating the comics you can make.

I’m really excited to get this campaign going on Kickstarter. I’ve talked to a lot of people throughout the production and sale of these and the feedback has been surprising. I originally came up with the idea because I’m a fan of comics myself and I thought it would be fun for people like me to have something to play with to make physical comics. Luckily I’ve found that teachers love this idea because it will let their kids work out stories using the fixed emotions of the characters. Kids seem to love it too which brings a smile to my face. It’s nice to see a kid pick up the pieces and think and write. It seems like so much of their other activities revolve around digital media, that it’s nice to see them thinking and playing with something tactile.


Please take a look at the rewards to see how you can help. All of the rewards will include a thank you credit on



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