HEX6AGON: Transparent Tiling Vinyl

Fonte: KickStarter

The Finished Product: HEX6AGON is the newest material exploration, following FACET by Process + Content, bringing transparent vinyl to color your world, in an interactive + customizable tiling system, featuring colorful, geometric shapes.
It took 20 minutes to lay the tiles pictured: 1 Mega HEX6AGON, 14 Standard, 9 Minis, 8 Diamonds
The 6-sided HEX6AGON are precision cut ( 4-sided diamonds are included in certain packages). HEX6AGON allows you to color the external world, adding color + pattern, in a clean + graphic way, with modern design + an undertone of whimsy. 
HEX6AGON comes in four transparent colors: Golden Yellow, Turquoise, Tele-Magenta + Ice Blue. Transparent vinyl is perfect for window applications, it  doesn’t obstruct your view, but colors it. Layering HEX6AGON transparent tiling vinyls create additional colors + alludes to other geometric shapes.



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